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Oembeds (WordPress Shortcodes)

Please read me

Momento supports Oembed shortcodes. Oembeds are wordpress built-in shortcodes which are accepted globally in all the themes. These shortcodes doesn’t fail on theme migration. You can check all the wordpress supported oembed supported services on WordPress’s codex.

Our theme doesn’t have any additional shortcodes that come along besides oembeds. As we believe that providing shortcodes alongside theme is not a fair deal as they might break on theme migration. We believe in shortcode plugins for example Zilla Shortcodes and the plugin’s shortcode examples can be seen on my previous theme Zend.

Video Oembeds

Momento provides a really faster and better way of embedding oembed video shortcodes from video services like Youtube, Vimeo , Dailymotion , BlipTv etc.



Vimeo (Aligned Center)

[embed width="450"][/embed]





Twitter Tweets


Workin template


Typical Vancouver Day



Look Up